We have launched our first prototypes of our new PRIMUS at the beginning of August. First reviews where done in next month from our Slovenian audiophile friends and few other friends that have no audiophile background or interest.

To be honest we were expecting positive feedback, but was still surprised by acknowledgment that we received from our colleges audiophiles. Thank you. We really appreciate it.

Also general opinion from, let us say, not so demanding public, was full of praises and likeness.

Bellow just a few quotes that we are happy to share.

“Primus sounds great! Extremely natural and clear sound with all details and transparency.” M.B

“Great design, beautiful finish and very impressive details. The amplifier housing is made very correctly and each detail is fascinated.” T.Z

“After few hours of listening different music and changing everything we can (cables, speakers, sources), the result was the same: very precise sound, dynamic and full of energy.” M.P

“Design is modern and classic at the same time, so you can place it in every room. It is so simple, that it looks complex. Z.B

“I plugged the amplifier with my various components, cables and I recognized that every component works better than never! I changed various price level cables, with each higher level, I get better sound from components…I change the speakers and they never sound better. I have to get one Primus for me.” B.E.

Next reviews will sure be done by experts and professional public.