The beginning of PRIMUS story, was at beginning of 2016, when AUDIO ALTO and ARCHUS AUDIO put together their heads, ideas and knowledge. They were thinking about launching on the market the amplifier, whose sound could match with entry level of audiophile amplifies and would also at the same time be accessible for middle class users with limited assets.

While making market research they realized that they are missing vacuum tube integrated amplifier that would fit for all generations and would offer modern design and up to date technology. They got an idea to launch on the market amplifier with natural and classic sound, modern technology and design that could fit to every room. Their idea was to develop vacuum tube integrated amplifier that would be best option for those with demanding ears and eyes.

Did they make it?

Egon Zonta
Egon ZontaCEO & Founder of Archus Audio
Sasha Burian
Sasha BurianEngineer & Developer